New Zealand – an excellent investment choice.

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New Zealand – an excellent investment choice.

Flying New Zealand Flag

Since the 1990s New Zealand has increasingly been chosen as a destination of choice for the funds of overseas investors, and global investors have been well rewarded for their faith, particularly Japanese and Chinese investors. Japanese housewives have flocked to place their household savings into NZ currency issuances, reaping an interest rate vastly above what is available domestically. Chinese investors have been buying up huge tracts of good NZ farmland as well as residential homes mainly in Auckland.

Furthermore, the NZ banking sector was comparatively unaffected by the Global Credit Crunch due to the quality of the lending sector in New Zealand which faced much sterner regulation and control than what had become the norm in many other OECD countries during the property boom years of 2002-2007.

Another huge attraction when considering safety for global investors is New Zealand’s secure social and political environment which has pretty much stayed constant throughout its 150 year or so history. Both of the two main political parties reflect the populace in that they are just a smidgen to the left or right of centre which is pretty much how New Zealand sees itself. This is not a country that encourages or in fact tolerates extremists.

New Zealand is considered one of the most honest and least corrupted places in the world in which to do business, and this is a reputation that New Zealand is both well deserving of and passionately protective of.
All in all there are few places in the world that could be considered a better place in which to invest your funds.

Gary Warner