Introducing our newest team member!

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How do financial services products help you achieve your goals?
July 13, 2017
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Introducing our newest team member!

Steve Mansfield

Introducing Steve Mansfield – newest member of the TNI family!

Our short interview with Steve shows a hard-working family man, with a diverse portfolio of experience, and a passion for helping others (and cricket!).

Read the interview below to find out more about Steve:


What brought you to TNI?

I was a dentist for over 20 years, finishing up as a partner in a practice in Glendowie, Auckland. I also worked as a dentist in Australia and the Middle East.  Sometime after this I obtained an MBA  which was a great challenge, but very satisfying and enjoyable. With this  new-found  knowledge I then started a significant online retail website. As it has evolved, more and more tasks have been out-sourced, so I could now turn my attention to a more people-based industry and to be honest, a more meaningful occupation.


What is a passion of yours?

As a family man with three growing boys, I don’t have a lot of time, but one passion that I have been able to share with my boys is cricket. I have been heavily involved with the University Cricket club both as a member of the junior club board and also as a team coach for 8 seasons.


What goal are you currently working towards?

That’s a good question. The MBA was a big goal that I recently achieved and now I need another!


Tell us about your ‘Why’

The simple answer is that I want to help people. The way that I can help people as an insurance adviser is to help families protect themselves against financial catastrophe caused by sickness, injury or death.

This is a big deal if you think about it. People work hard for what they have and one event can take it all away and cause incredible hardship and misery for the whole family leading to a chain of consequences. With the right insurance, that bad event  may end up just being a bump on the road of life and not a life-defining car crash. That’s why I’m excited about insurance!


What’s your approach when it comes to advice?

My main focus is giving great advice that matches the needs of my clients. Having said that, I’m getting very interested in the concept of group insurance because it means bringing insurance, via the workplace, to people who may not otherwise have any.


Anything else you’d like the TNI clients to know?

I really believe in insurance. It really does work. Insurance companies really do pay out. I have a personal insurance story, and so I know that it works!